Friday, September 20, 2013

Making Money Trading CFDs

Last month I was at InvestFair, attended a few talks and decided to open a CFD account to prepare for the coming Bear Market (oops, when?). I created a demo account with the same broker to familiarise with the platform and to test the trading method I learnt from a US Trader online.

Guess what I discovered? The method I used helped me identified the potential rebound after the big selling! Wow! I continued to use the same method to test trade CFD indices (SIMSCI, Hang Seng, DOW and S&P500) and Gold. Wow! Amazing!

I decided to use the same method to test if Stocks rebound can be identified the same way. Wow, wow, wow! Amazing!

Trading using CFD is much cheaper. No commission for Index CFD and Gold (built into the spread) and only 0.08% for SGX Stocks. There is some finance charges for holding. It is almost 24 hours!

I will continue to test trade. Oops, I dun have much time as I have to take care of mum.

Patience is key to this game of winning! Will share more after I discover more!

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