Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bering Time/Phillip CFD Contest/NFC 2013

Wow!  Yesterday was the happiest day for me!  No, it was not my Birthday, but I received many "Gifts"!

First, was news that I have won 4 Family Tickets for Singapore Cable Car Ride.  I joined the National Family Celebration Contest, the finale will be held on Jun 29 2013.

Next, was news that I have won the Phillip CFD Facebook Contest!  I participated in guessing the closing price for Russell 2000 on June 20 2013.  My guess was 974.3 but it closed around 960.  The person who guessed it right did not SHARE, one of the important rules of the contest.  So being the person with the next best guess, I won $100 vouchers and IFEST ticket (I chose the morning Chinese session which should be more interesting than the afternoon English session)

Finally, I went to the Bering Time Singapore FrozenInTime Event at Raffles City to try my luck at retrieving the merchandise from the ice sculpture.  Hurray! I managed to retrieve the most expensive item of the day (I was told worth about $300 plus ).  See pictures below.  Thanks to the guy and his kids for helping me - see pictures, I used his straw method in the final process, they helped me as well.  Wow!  Now my legs and hands are aching!

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