Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sell in May & Go Away 2013?

Still remember the meaning of “Sell in May and Go Away”?

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According to Stock Traders' Almanac, APRIL is the last month of the Best Six Months” for the Dow and S&P500. April is the top performing Dow month since 1950 and third best for S&P500.

Do you know why DOW and S&P500 usually perform better from Nov to April/May period than the May to Oct/Nov Period?

I just read this book by an astrologer. According to him, it has to do with when the New York Stock Exchange was established.

Yes, your are right! It was established in May, and some how divides the 2 six-mth periods. The Planetary alignments in May of that year somehow affects or influence the performance of the stock market. How these planets align each year will affect or influence the performance of the stock market for that year.

One Gann Expert had issued a warning for 2013. It is the 13 year cycle! 1987+13=2000+13=2013!

So best to stay cautious!

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