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Monday, May 20, 2013

Horseshoe Pitching Competition STC 2013

I was recently "crazy" over Horseshoe Pitching Game after I stumbled upon the game the first time at Chinatown Point, held by Singapore Turf Club as part of the Singapore International Racing Festival roadshow.

See below Youtube Video section on Horseshoe Pitching finals where I participated in Top 16.  I'll try again next year should STC organise it again for the 9th time.  Although I did not win at the finals, I won $50 at the trials, haha!  So I'm thinking of buying Pro Horseshoes to practice.  It's a fun game and exercise for "old folks" like me, haha.

Do you know where I can buy Horseshoe Kit in Singapore?  Buy from E-bay can be cheap but the shipping cost is a "Bomb"!

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