Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amazing Fibonacci Retracement Tool Forecast Tops Part2

Thank you so much for your support, the number of Votes increased from 9 to 14. Now it is at 25, thanks to my Eldest Sister's network of facebook friends. We are now in the lead, hope to maintain the leading position until voting closes on June 9 2013, haha!

Now as promised, why does the “Sell in May & go away” thing applies to Singapore Straits Times Index as well?

Yes, your guess is right! I searched the internet, Singapore Stock Exchange was established in MAY!

If we continue to maintain the leading position nearer to the closing date on June 9 2013, I'll share with you how I used Fibonacci to Time the S&P500 Cycle possible TOP.

Now something important I found. One expert wrote about possible signs of a TOP:

S&P500 hit 1687 and closed down more than 1% off that high. The last 2 times the S&P500 hit all-time highs and closed down 1% or more from the high were October 11, 2007 and March 24, 2000. Will history repeat?

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