Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amazing Fibonacci Retracement Tool Forecast Tops Part2

Thank you so much for your support, the number of Votes increased from 9 to 14. Now it is at 25, thanks to my Eldest Sister's network of facebook friends. We are now in the lead, hope to maintain the leading position until voting closes on June 9 2013, haha!

Now as promised, why does the “Sell in May & go away” thing applies to Singapore Straits Times Index as well?

Yes, your guess is right! I searched the internet, Singapore Stock Exchange was established in MAY!

If we continue to maintain the leading position nearer to the closing date on June 9 2013, I'll share with you how I used Fibonacci to Time the S&P500 Cycle possible TOP.

Now something important I found. One expert wrote about possible signs of a TOP:

S&P500 hit 1687 and closed down more than 1% off that high. The last 2 times the S&P500 hit all-time highs and closed down 1% or more from the high were October 11, 2007 and March 24, 2000. Will history repeat?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amazing Fibonacci Retracement Tool Forecast Tops

Recently I read and watched the video of one Fibonacci Expert explaining how to use Fibonacci Tools to forecast/analyse Price and Time.  At last, I learnt how to use the tool properly, haha.

I decided to explore the Fibonacci Tool and apply it to forecast/analyse Prices of IPO and STI component stocks.

I've shared my analysis on S&P500 in an earlier article.

Since last Saturday, I've completed my analysis for more than 20 stocks in my radar, all pointing to a potential Top.  Today, market performance provides evidence I could be on the right track.  Look what happened to Nikkei, down 7%!

Yesterday I found an article and decided to use Fibonacci Tool on Time Analysis on S&p500 and Straits Times Index.  Guess what?   Yes, Time is Up!

Wow!  Amazing Fibonacci Tool if applied correctly!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sell in May & Go Away 2013?

Still remember the meaning of “Sell in May and Go Away”?

Forgot? Click to review lor!

According to Stock Traders' Almanac, APRIL is the last month of the Best Six Months” for the Dow and S&P500. April is the top performing Dow month since 1950 and third best for S&P500.

Do you know why DOW and S&P500 usually perform better from Nov to April/May period than the May to Oct/Nov Period?

I just read this book by an astrologer. According to him, it has to do with when the New York Stock Exchange was established.

Yes, your are right! It was established in May, and some how divides the 2 six-mth periods. The Planetary alignments in May of that year somehow affects or influence the performance of the stock market. How these planets align each year will affect or influence the performance of the stock market for that year.

One Gann Expert had issued a warning for 2013. It is the 13 year cycle! 1987+13=2000+13=2013!

So best to stay cautious!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Horseshoe Pitching Competition STC 2013

I was recently "crazy" over Horseshoe Pitching Game after I stumbled upon the game the first time at Chinatown Point, held by Singapore Turf Club as part of the Singapore International Racing Festival roadshow.

See below Youtube Video section on Horseshoe Pitching finals where I participated in Top 16.  I'll try again next year should STC organise it again for the 9th time.  Although I did not win at the finals, I won $50 at the trials, haha!  So I'm thinking of buying Pro Horseshoes to practice.  It's a fun game and exercise for "old folks" like me, haha.

Do you know where I can buy Horseshoe Kit in Singapore?  Buy from E-bay can be cheap but the shipping cost is a "Bomb"!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Forecasting a Top in S&P500

1, 2, 3, 4 Methods pointing to a potential TOP in S&P500?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

1 = Fibonacci 50% equal swing
2 = Top of Trend line Channel Hit
3 = 667 + 1000 = 1667 hit, formula points to 1668.
4 = May 17, what happened in history?

Is this a TOP?

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