Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Earn 5% Interest on Deposits, WOW?

Warning!! You need a Paradigm Shift when reading this!

Yes! I received almost max rebates on my Xtrasaver Account by just paying off credit card bills, a little on groceries, and the most on this (oops! I cannot reveal this now) which is 100% profit or income or free money!

Interested in how you can earn 5% interest on Deposits?

My nephew shared with me more than a year ago but as I do not qualify for a Manhattan Credit Card nor incur such expenses (haha it's my sister's), I did not bother to think. However, recently, I discovered there's a way I can make money from this card. So I applied for a secured credit card. And last week, days after I received the card, I helped my other nephew paid 4k down deposit for his wedding banquet booking using the credit card. Wow! That was a $200 discount for him! Haha, now I've to delay my money making opportunity by 3 months. Oops! I can only share this 3 months later lor!

How to earn 5% interest on Deposits?

Do you know you can earn 5% interest on Deposits placed with PUB, Singtel, M1, Starhub, Town Council, etc.? That is definitely better than keeping your money in the bank! Just use the Manhattan Credit Card to make the deposits to the respective service providers, ie, an advance payment of your bills lah! It can be 3 months, 6 months or even 1 year's advance bill payment so long you can accumulate 3k, better 4k, to be charged against the credit card, then you get 5% rebate or discount or “upfront interest on deposits”, equivalent to $150-$200!

We just need to get our “Heads Cracking”, then the next step would be to turn it into “another source of income” or “pocket money” or free money or free gifts from your friendly banker! Haha!

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