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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adventure Cove Waterpark (RWS) Tickets Special Price

Remember I talked about free gifts for using the credit cards from Standard Chartered Bank?

Yes! My nephew had been receiving free gifts from SCB's credit card programme by just “cracking his head” without having to make additional spendings.

My sister and I received the RWS Invite free gifts. We did not spend, we saved by charging insurance premiums (ie savings plan) to the credit cards to get the free gifts!

Oops! We are too old to enjoy the exciting Adventure Cove Waterpark rides. We are happy just to bring Mum to the S.E.A. Aquarium for free.

So we are offering the Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets Package to anyone at a special price of S$100. The Package includes:

4 Tickets to Adventure Cove Waterpark (u.p. $29 x4=$116)
1 $20 Meal Voucher

We have 2 sets of above Package on offer. Tickets and Vouchers are valid for use until September 2013. 

 Interested, please email me your contacts and I'll arrange for a convenient place to complete the deal.  If you are planning to visit Singapore and RWS, I can keep the tickets for you too!  Welcome to Singapore!


(All Tickets Sold)

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