Thursday, April 4, 2013

60 Year Cycle & Stock Market

According to Fengshui Masters (FM), the Chinese Calendar has a 60 year cycle. So some FMs would use what happened 60 years ago to forecast what might happen in the current year.

Recently I found this book by an expert astrologer, whom many said is pretty accurate in predicting World events. I have been searching for this ebook for more than 2 years, haha, I only read books which I can get free.

According to the book, there are cycles in the Stock Market, Economy, World events, which are likely to repeat whenever a cluster of planetary alignments repeats. There are 60 year and 30 year cycles based on such planetary alignments.

In 2013, we will see one such planetary alignment which occurred 60 years ago repeating. What happened 60 years ago? One was The Korean War.

Wow! Now we see some tensions between North Korea, South Korea and the USA. Will there be another Korean War?

I'm watching.

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