Thursday, February 28, 2013

Earn Deposit Interest Rates 2.5% - 5% p.a.!

Are you nearing 55 years old? Or can you meet the following criteria to earn deposit interest rates of up to 5% per annum?

Are you still looking for avenues where you can earn higher interest rates? Look no further!

Yes! It is guaranteed. We can earn deposit interest rates of 2.5%, up to 5%, if we have the “spare cash”!

Criteria for considerations before you put your money to work harder for you:

  1. No plans or concerns to use CPFOA for property investment;
  2. Meet minimum sum of 139k (RA) and 38.5k (MA).

If you meet the criteria above and you are nearing 55 years old, you can do the following to earn interest rates of 2.5% and up to 5% on your monies:

  1. Transfer monies in CPFOA to CPFSA to earn 4% -5% instead of 2.5%.
  2. Make Voluntary CPF Contribution (VC), maximum $30,600 per year, to earn 2.5% and up to 5%.

This VC is like placing a Fixed Deposit to earn interest of 2.5% to 5%, as you can withdraw this money when you reach 55!

Even if you are not happy with just 2.5% to 5% interest, you can still invest the money in equities to earn you more!

Then I have a "Money No Enough" method on the VC, haha!

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