Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The State of the Global Markets – 2013

Exclusive invitation: Our friends at Elliott Wave International have just released their new 40-page independent investor report, The State of the Global Markets -- 2013 Edition: The Most Important Investment Report You'll Read This Year. On an exclusive, limited-time basis, they've allowed us to share it with you for FREE.

The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read This Year

Do you know what to expect in 2013? Are you prepared to take advantage of the biggest opportunities -- and avoid the dangerous pitfalls -- that you will face this year?

The State of the Global Markets -- 2013 Edition gives you valuable, independent analysis and forecasts for the financial and economic trends in 2013. It includes advice you can act on -- instead of "after-the-fact" analysis that keeps you behind major turning points.

You can navigate the year ahead via this blend of hard facts, analysis and unique commentary -- plus 60 eye-popping charts across 40 pages. You'll also get Robert Prechter's latest big-picture global outlook, as well as intensive special sections titled:
  • The U.S. Government Grabs the Bag with Both Hands
  • A Rise in Oil Production
  • A Major Top in the Bond Market
  • An Elliott Wave Perspective on China’s Stock Market
  • The End of India’s Malaise
  • And more! (Preview the Table of Contents here)
EWI subscribers pay $49 per month for this level of analysis -- and they consider it a bargain. But for a limited time, you can read the full 40-page report 100% FREE.

Don't delay. Your portfolio cannot afford to be without these valuable market insights for 2013. Learn more and download your 40-page report now >>

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