Thursday, November 8, 2012

Potential Crash Window Solar Eclipse Nov 2012

Wow!  Last night, DOW dropped BIG!  It was exactly 6 days before the Solar Eclipse on November 13 2012!  Watch out!

I have forgotten about my old forecasts written years ago.  Last night, I decided to re-look.  WOW!  

I did some quick research and re-calculation.  Wow!  Multiple cycles converging!  And the Planets up there moving into critical positions!

Have you been reading all my forecasts articles?  All those Time Cycles?

Wow!  Try piecing them altogether.  Hope luck is with me this time.  I'm waiting for the Time and Price to come.  Still continuing with my research and cracking my head

(oops!  it should be Solar Eclipse as amended above.  Lunar Eclipse is on November 28 2012)

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