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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hindenburg Omen Nov 12 Crash Alert

Another confirmed Hindenburg Omen was generated on November 12 2013!

Today is the Total Solar Eclipse!

We are still within the Potential Crash Window!

I read and understand the Bible talks about Solar and Lunar Eclipses but have not be able to decipher the "secret" relating to the Stock Markets.  This morning something occurred to me while I was looking at what happened to past Solar and Lunar Eclipses.  Hmmm.... I think I found the "secret"!

I need to do some more back testing before I can confirm the "secret" to using Solar and Lunar Eclipses to time the Stock Markets!

If markets "crash" or drop big today, it is a potential confirmation I have deciphered the "secret"!  For now, partial confirmation that Hang Seng Index and Shanghai Composite already dropped more than 1%.  Next we shall see what happens to DOW tonight.

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