Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Oto Digital Thermometer

Last week, Ah Ma tried Oto Power Chair at Tampines Mall and she like it. Today, she tried it at Nex and received a free Oto Temp-Check. Sis took a picture of her as she remembered there is a Oto Photo Campaign.

See how much Ah Ma love Oto Power Chair, so relaxed and enjoying the “Power Tap” at the neck, shoulder and back, and the massage at the butt and sides! More suitable for her than a massage chair which is too strong for her.

We need 200 likes for my Oto Facebook Photo of Ah Ma before Nov 30 2012 to get $100 off to purchase Oto Power Chair as a belated 88th Birthday cum Christmas present for Ah Ma.

Read my Oto Facebook Post to find out how you could get the free Oto Digital Thermometer. See if you could get a “glimpse” of me in the Picture.  Remember to LIKE the Photo!

Thank you

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