Friday, October 19, 2012

Straits Times Index Diamond Top

WD Gann said get the start date right and you will get the correct end date!

Bingo!   I found the right start date!  Input that date into my Stock Market Time Clocks, and it hit both the Top Dates:  September 14 2012 and October 5 2012!   Wow!  It also hit the October 5 2011 bottom date!

So what is next?  Haha, I'm still working on my research.  Now is a waiting game, be patient.

Look at the Straits Times Index Chart.  What do you see?

A potential Diamond Top in the making.  Looks like the next turn will be early next week!

What could happen?

Just heard the news over Mediacorp Radio 958, so I search internet and found the news, a potential start of War between North and South Korea next Monday?

Today is October 19 2012.  Do you remember what happened on October 19 1987?  Will history repeat in DOW tonight?

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