Sunday, September 16, 2012

Formula Next Stock Market Major Turn Dates Part2

Multiple major cycles are pointing to the same 2012 Major Turn Dates (MTD) ahead. Cycles dating as far back as 1929, 1932, 1933, 1987, etc. I cannot reveal major cycles after 1999 or my secret formula will no longer be a secret, haha!

As my Stock Market Time Clocks comprise formula with 3 possible variables, so there will be 3 possible MTD ahead. Let's wait and see what happens on the first MTD.

So watch out on MTD September 19/20 2012!

Does Heaven provide any warning signs?

In 1932-33, there was a Uranus Pluto square 270 degrees. In 1987, there was a Uranus Pluto square 45 degrees. Now in 2012, there is a Uranus Pluto square 90 degrees, a second one occurring on September 19 2012!  Will history repeat?

In 1929, Uranus and Jupiter were in similar locations as they are now. Will history repeat?

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