Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DOW 3 Peaks & Domed House Update

Wow!   Straits Times Index, DOW and related major stock markets are moving closely "in line" with my Stock Market Time Clocks and STI Open Book so far.  Looks like "Silence is Golden"!  Oops!

As WD Gann said, "in silence, with silence are all things made"!

Have you read the latest article by Stock Trader's Almanac?

Below is their latest update of the DOW 3 Peaks & Domed House Chart Pattern and the George Lindsay's Basic 3PDH Model.  Can you see where the markets are likely heading to?

(Oops!  Have not been using Blogger for some time, its got a new look/functions, need to re-learn how to use it!)

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