Saturday, March 31, 2012

Price, Pattern & Time Key to Forecasting

Hurray! I found another important missing piece to the Stock Market Timing jigzaw puzzle!

It helps to piece together Price, Pattern and Time!

I have another 200 plus pages before I finish reading this valuable book. Then I have to read it all over again in case I miss anything. Then read it one more time, haha.

Did you notice Topping Patterns in all major indices, like the DOW, S&P500, Straits Times Index, Hang Seng Index, Kospi which is considered the leading indicator, etc?

And what happened to Shanghai Composite Index?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Earthquake or Tsunami Warning Sign for Singapore?

News said thousands of small white fish were washed ashore at Sungei Api Api and Pasir Ris beach yesterday.

Tink tink tink! Could it be a possible warning for a coming sea earthquake or tsunami?

Oops! I hope not.

Just thinking out loud.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where to DOW S&P500 STI HSI Shanghai ?

For now, I'll not be posting any Stock Market Index Charts as these are done using my "secret trendlines, price and time measurement methods".

Straits Times Index and Hang Seng Index already hit my critical resistance trend lines and started to decline. These also hit my price and time estimates. Now I'm waiting for these to break critical support trend lines before confirmation.

DOW and S&P500 have also hit my critical resistance trend lines and my price and time estimates. Now waiting for decline and break of critical support trend lines for confirmation.

Be patient when INVESTING. "When Time is up, Prices will decline".

Always wait for confirmation. Let's see which way the markets will go: up, down or sideways?

As the experts say, Topping is a Process!

Is Shanghai Composite Index leading the next leg down again? least Hang Seng Index follows.

Secret to Stock Market Time Cycle

I just finished reading this book.

Do you know:

1. The Bible was written by astrologers?
2. The Bible is an astronomical book, a text book of heaven?
3. Son of God refers to Uranus?
4. Satan refers to Saturn?
5. Holy Ghost refers to Neptune?

Wow! Mystery of the Bible!

Now I think I know why WD Gann reads the Bible and wrote the book "The Magic Word". Oops!

"As it is in heaven, so it is on earth", Oops, who said that?

No wonder Financial Astrologers can sometimes forecast the Stock Market with high accuracy!

My Stock Market Time Clocks is based on the Bible. No wonder sometimes the turn dates coincides with major planetary alignments. Oops, if I get the start date correct!

WD Gann said, start with the right date and you will get the end date right!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Charts Warning Stock Market Crash Ahead?

The "Best Stock Market Timing Model" I discovered gave warnings of a possible Stock Market Crash Ahead.

Curious to find out if Straits Times Index, SIMSCI and Hang Seng Index Chart Patterns provide any warnings, I decided to look for patterns. I found the patterns and confirmed it contains warnings that led to a more than 2% drop in the Index on March 6 2012. That date coincided with a planetary alignment I have been monitoring closely. So the cause of the Global Stock Market selloff was "As above, so below"!

That research was based on the 15 min and daily charts. Now I'm doing research on longer term charts. This most important piece of the jigzaw puzzle to confirm my Stock Market Timing Model is correct, oops, to increase the probability of success!

YES! I found various BEARISH Chart Patterns in the long term chart of STI pointing to a possible crash ahead! YES! Similar Patterns in DOW, Nasdaq and S&P500 also pointing to a possible crash ahead!

When will it happen?

Watch for BREAK in critical support trendlines! Watch for drop from critical resistance trendlines!

Its too much work for me to post the Chart Patterns now.

Lookout for it next week!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Stock Market Timing Model?

I finished reading "Masterworks" of RN Elliott.

So what did he forecast about 2012? Did you managed to figure out?

Wow! I managed to find another piece of missing jigzaw puzzle from this book!

So what is the Best Stock Market Timing Model?

Piecing together the master works of RN Elliott, George Lindsay and WD Gann!

Wow! Guess what is the outcome?

A possible crash ahead? Wow!

I'm still doing my research. I'm still waiting to confirm the start of wave 3 down in Straits Times Index.

We shall see

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