Friday, February 24, 2012

Stock Market Crash in 30-60mins???

I'm watching the markets and news to see what could happen in the next 30-60mins from now, my time is 11.10am.

Not sure what could happen, just watch!

Straits Time Index looks like completed wave 1 down of 70points+, now doing wave 2 up, when it completes, I expect wave 3 down... if my wave count is correct, haha.

So I'm watching to see if wave 3 down starts in the next 30-60mins time.

If nothing happens, then this Stock Market Timing methodology is not reliable or I interpreted it incorrectly.

I just found the book by RN Elliott where he wrote his forecast for 2012. Haha, I'll be reading it. Have you read it?

Have you noticed that one or more major STI component stocks is being sold down hard everyday since STI started dropping from the date I forecasted? Today is UOB's turn down 2.4% as I write.

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