Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CLSA Fengshui Index 2012 PDF

Wow! "Hot and Fresh from the Oven"!

CLSA released the 18th CLSA Fengshui Index 2012 today, January 18 2012!

Extracts from CLSA media release:

"Helping you predict the unpredictable in the Year of the Black Water Dragon"

"The CLSA Fengshui Index forecasts a slow start to the year, with the Dragon sinking like a sun-cracked crocodile back into its lagoon. March isn’t much better, with the West highlighted as the best direction for money. With Fire flaring only fleetingly and little Metal evident for much of the first six months, the CLSA FSI expects a sluggish performance during the 1H, as the market slides further over May, June and July.

The tipping point should come in August, according to the CLSA FSI, as the Dragon turns sharply and heads north at a rapid pace. If our celestial readings are right, September should be one of the best months of the year, with plenty of activity in the markets. This sustained upward trend should continue into October and November. Come December, the Dragon appears to run out of steam, but the CLSA FSI sees no major correction, as the market shuffles sideways through to the end of January.

...... We’ll be happy if we are only half right – so long as it’s the second half !"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where DOW S&P500 STI HSI Heading?

Wow! Mr Dorky posted 2 nasty comments at my blog today. Dorky either dun understand technical analysis or Stock Market Forecasting or how to use/apply them!

As I have already highlighted, my "STI Open Book" is not meant to be used for short term forecasting. Always look for confirmation of turning points.

Per my "STI Open Book", I expected STI to break the Oct 4 2011 low on Jan 12 2012 and hit a low on Jan 17 2012. However, inversion occurred since Dec 23 2011. And STI hit a high on Jan 17 2012. So guess what I expect will happen to STI next?

"Heaven will give 1.5 weeks notice". So add 11 days to Jan 6 2012 = Jan 17 2012. Add 8 working days (=1.5 weeks) to Jan 6 2012 = Jan 18 2012.

Ed Carlson, expert in George Lindsay Timing Models, posted his comments at my blog regarding my turn date of Jan 6 2012. He said he expected this bear market rally to end on Jan 23 2012.

Oops, my "STI Open Book" also indicates a high for Jan 23 2012 but because of inversion, I expect it to become a low. We shall see.

Look at the 4 Charts - DOW, S&P500, Straits Times Index and Hang Seng Index? Guess where the markets are heading next?

I'll be taking long a break until the markets confirm a bottom is in.

Trade with care, invest at your own risk!

Friday, January 6, 2012

George Lindsay's Timing Model for TOP

George Lindsay had a Timing Model for a Top after the completion of the Head & Shoulder Formation of the last Bear Market.

The last Bear Market bottomed on Mar 9 2009.

If my understanding of George Lindsay's Timing Model is correct, DOW should make a Final Top on January 5/6 2012.

January 6 2012 coincides with a turn date in my Stock Market Time Clocks

Look for confirmation.

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