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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stock Market Secret Cycle Time December Crash?

Wow! I just found the "Stock Market Secret Time Cycle" that timed many important market tops and bottoms, including Stock Market Crash!

This "Secret Time Cycle" gave the timing for DOW top on May 2 2011, Oct 2007 (+/- 2 days), bottom on Oct 2002 (+/- 2 days), Mar 9 2009 (+/- 2 days). It also gave dates of Stock Market Crash - August 2 2011 to Oct 4 2011, Flash Crash on May 6 2010. And many more.

Hmmm... there is a high probability this "Secret Time Cycle" will give me the date of this Bear Market Bottom, plus dates of future Bull and Bear Markets. I'm still working on the research.

So what's the next turning point?

This "Secret Time Cycle" give me December 6/7 2011.

Do you know what happened on December 7 1941, exactly 70 years ago?

Yes, Pearl Harbour Attack during World War 2!

Hmmm... what could happen on December 7 2011? Another Stock Market Crash?

Can you remember what is the Forecast for December 7 2011-Jan 5 2012 in the CLSA Fengshui Index 2011?

"Markets go down again!"

Will it be right this time?

Take a look at the Straits Times Index 2-Hourly Chart and the S&P500 Hourly Chart (It is similar to DOW. I'm not using DOW this time as I want to keep my trend lines intact). These provides a better view of the Bearish Triangle than the Daily Charts I shown in the earlier article.

A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Are you prepared?

(note charts not drawn to actual price/time scale)

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