Friday, December 9, 2011

Rare Lunar Eclipse Dec 2011 Stock Market Crash?

I wanted to post this last night but was down with a bad throat infection. Luckily I'm feeling better now with some self-medication.

Wow! My Forecast of December 2011 Stock Market Crash starting from Dec 7 2011 becoming a reality? Yes, tho one day early! Oops! Still early to confirm?

On December 10 2011, there will be a "rare" Lunar Eclipse. According to Tim Bost, market astrologer, this Lunar Eclipse is considered rare because it occurs on the same day Uranus turn direct.

The last time this happened was in November 2003. Guess what happened to DOW then?

Markets started to decline before the Lunar Eclipse and continued to drop for a few weeks.

Will history repeat?

My Stock Market Time Clocks and Forecasting Methods using WD Gann's Secret Forecasting Method tell me there is a high probability.

A Picture is worth a thousand words!

Be Careful. Dun try to pick bottom or catch the falling knives!

Supports could be broken easily, especially when Mercury is retrograde!

Also considering DOW could be in Killer Wave 3 down!

Same for Straits Times Index! Gaps Gaps Gaps Down!

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