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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Potential Big Crash Ahead???

Do you trust a Lady's Instinct?

I just did a quick review late last night, dun have time to post details for you. Dun have time to do a double confirmation.

DOW might have topped out last night, there is a potential H&S in the 1min chart.

Based on a "secret pattern" I discovered last night, STI and HSI might top out today, DOW last night. Yes, this big rally might be over soon.

What's next?

This is what I read (not sure how reliable) but worth noting, sure does coincide with my Elliott Wave Count?? :

"Watch for a bailout followed by massive market manipulation next week... followed by a total collapse." Stock markets are being pumped up by the banksters to hide the truth and to support the world's financial system a bit longer...but it will fail. After this comes the "total collapse".

A potential big crash coming? "Wave 5 equal Wave 1"?

Be careful.

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Meavin said...

Dear TSK, thanks for the alert.. Please do share your updates on regular interval as they are very useful for all of us.. We are really missing your Weekly as well a Monthly Forecasts too.. Please do share your latest views this weekend on what lies ahead of us in November?

Meavin said...

TSK, looking forward to latest updates from you as Market behaviour looks very confusing..

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