Friday, October 28, 2011

Major Turning Point Ahead DOW/STI


Did you notice this pattern of Major Market Sell-off dates for DOW and Straits Times Index since DOW Top out on May 2 2011?

DOW - May 2, June 1, July 22, Sept 1, Sept 28

STI - June 2, Aug 1, Sept 1, Sept 27/28

So is a major turning point ahead - Oct 27/28 to Nov 2?

Yesterday I got an indication that the rally wave for STI is almost finished. I should have been patient to wait for this confirmation before issuing warning of the crash ahead. But my other indicators have not confirmed yesteday's move.

Be careful, it is likely to end Oct 28 or 31 2011!

Be patient, wait for confirmation, the next sell-off could be BIG!

DOW is likely to kickoff its "Killer Wave", Wave 3, after Wave 2 rally ends! Guess what will happen to the rest of the World Markets?

Haha, hope this time I'm right, with deep research into the final bottom of this bear market, then working backwards to today! Plus watching the "Sky for Trends" for confirmation, working back 30 plus years of data!

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