Friday, October 28, 2011

Major Turning Point Ahead DOW/STI


Did you notice this pattern of Major Market Sell-off dates for DOW and Straits Times Index since DOW Top out on May 2 2011?

DOW - May 2, June 1, July 22, Sept 1, Sept 28

STI - June 2, Aug 1, Sept 1, Sept 27/28

So is a major turning point ahead - Oct 27/28 to Nov 2?

Yesterday I got an indication that the rally wave for STI is almost finished. I should have been patient to wait for this confirmation before issuing warning of the crash ahead. But my other indicators have not confirmed yesteday's move.

Be careful, it is likely to end Oct 28 or 31 2011!

Be patient, wait for confirmation, the next sell-off could be BIG!

DOW is likely to kickoff its "Killer Wave", Wave 3, after Wave 2 rally ends! Guess what will happen to the rest of the World Markets?

Haha, hope this time I'm right, with deep research into the final bottom of this bear market, then working backwards to today! Plus watching the "Sky for Trends" for confirmation, working back 30 plus years of data!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

$50 Bonus Cash for CIMBK Savings Account

Wow! I heard but did not believe as I cannot find the information at CIMB Bank Website and forgot about it.

This morning I was at the CIMB Bank Branch. I saw the Bonus Cash Promotion flashed on TV.

So decided to check with the Bank Staff.

Wow! New customers, just open CIMB Savings/Current Account, the Bank will give you $20 Bonus Cash. Top up your account with $50k, the Bank will give you another $30. You only need to maintain the $50k until end October 31 2011 to qualify. Promotion ends October 31 2011.

Wow! Want to make more money? Just tell the staff my Name/NRIC, I will get $30 shopping voucher as referral. Haha, we can share the vouchers!

Haha! I gonna ask my family members to Open Accounts with CIMB! They make money, I also make money!

Huat ah!

Potential Big Crash Ahead???

Do you trust a Lady's Instinct?

I just did a quick review late last night, dun have time to post details for you. Dun have time to do a double confirmation.

DOW might have topped out last night, there is a potential H&S in the 1min chart.

Based on a "secret pattern" I discovered last night, STI and HSI might top out today, DOW last night. Yes, this big rally might be over soon.

What's next?

This is what I read (not sure how reliable) but worth noting, sure does coincide with my Elliott Wave Count?? :

"Watch for a bailout followed by massive market manipulation next week... followed by a total collapse." Stock markets are being pumped up by the banksters to hide the truth and to support the world's financial system a bit longer...but it will fail. After this comes the "total collapse".

A potential big crash coming? "Wave 5 equal Wave 1"?

Be careful.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stock Market Forecast October-November 2011 (Crash Part 3)


I'm taking the risk of putting out my Stock Market Forecast for October -November 2011 before receiving any confirmation from my various sifus!

Based on my Stock Market Time Clocks and Straits Times Index "Open Book", below is the Stock Market Forecast for October - November 2011!

"A picture is worth a thousand words!"

Stay tuned for updates should it differ from my sifus (which I doubt, haha!). But I will definitely update should my Wave Count change.

Good Luck!

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