Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stock Market Forecast August 2011 - Crash Ahead?

Have you read and analysed the following 3 articles which I posted recently?

1. Straits Times Index Diamond Top Formation

2. Straits Times Index & Dow Forecast 2H2011

3. Dow 3Peaks Domed House Pattern Update

Did you notice Straits Times Index (STI) hit the Top of the Bigger Diamond Top Pattern yesterday?

Did you notice the "false breakout" of the Triangle Pattern? According to "experts" of Triangle Patterns, the last wave usually 'breakout' of the Triangle Pattern? Be cautious! Is it the last wave up of Wave 2 Triangle Pattern? Watch for the break of support!

In the past few days, I updated my Stock Market Time Clocks. Guess what I discovered?

July 27/28 2011 an important turn date!

Will Stock Markets Crash in August 2011?

I will share more should the Crash occur, how I managed to calculate and forecast this coming crash!


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