Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watch the Sky for Trends

My "sifu" said “market analysts using timing tools such as Fibonacci retracements, Elliott Wave and dynamic cycles are amazed when their projections work out only occassionally. This indicates they only have a piece of the puzzle.”

People said W.D. Gann uses planetary time cycles to forecast the market directions.

Hmm.... now you know why I keep finding missing pieces of the jigzaw puzzle to improve my Stock Market Time Clocks' forecasts!

I tried researching and using planetary time cycles but it is not easy. What I'll do is to confirm and double confirm the turn dates provided by my Stock Market Time Clocks.

Yes! I've done it, forecasting the Tops in Straits Times Index on November 9 2010 and DOW on May 2 2011. Next is to double confirm the turn dates for the next Bear Market bottom!

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