Saturday, June 18, 2011

DOW Bear Market Signal – “Killer Waves” Ahead!

Wow! My Stock Market Time Clocks and both “STI and DOW Open Books” were spot on! It forecasted the tops in Straits Times Index (STI) on November 9 2010 and DOW on May 2 2011 and the nasty declines that followed. (read my Crystal Ball Section).

Now the “Killer Wave” indicator in the DOW Chart is signalling a possible nasty bear market ahead!

Yes! The double top pattern in the Coppock Curve, nicknamed the “Killer Wave” is forming in the DOW Chart.

“This double-top pattern has occurred only 7 times in 80 years – with 5 of them accompanying the start of the most notorious bear markets of the Twentieth Century: 1929, 1969, 1973, 2000 and 2007. The average decline (excluding the -86% loss in 1929) was almost -40%! “

DOW typically enters a bear market during the formation of the second peak. Now the second peak (double top) is developing, raising the odds of a nasty bear market ahead!

If the U.S. stock market enters a bear market, then global markets will likely experience another sizable correction.

Wow! A major confirmation of my Stock Market Forecast!

When will this bear market end? Ask my Stock Market Time Clocks!

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