Monday, May 23, 2011

Straits Times Index Secret Time Cycle Unveiled!

Yahoo!!! I have finally found another missing jigzaw puzzle to my Stock Market Time Clocks!

I attended a seminar on Saturday and this local TA expert shared his discoveries on Straits Times Index Time Cycle plus many other techniques he used to make massive income from the stock markets. He is also another "expert" on WD Gann forecasting and trading methods. He said if WD Gann spent 10 years full-time on research to perfect his trading methods, should we not spend 1 day or 1 week full-time to research/learn?

Wow! Now then I realised the "Real Expert" in Singapore is not "The Joseph Cycle"!

Hahaha! I spent more than 2 years full-time researching! Finally, my Stock Market Time Clocks should be 99% accurate. Today, I managed to unveil the local TA expert's secret code for the Straits Times Index Time Cycle. Huat ah!

Still more research is required. Now I'm incorporating George Lindsay's Timing Models into the Straits Times Index Time Clocks. When all these Time Cycles converge, huat ah!

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