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Friday, April 29, 2011

DOW 3 Peaks and Domed House Pattern Again!

Remember the 3 Peaks and Domed House Pattern discovered by the late George Lindsay?

Remember what is the Mirror Image of the 3 Peaks and Domed House Pattern which I posted in an early article?

Yes! The 3 Peaks and Domed House Pattern is forming again in the US Indices, Straits Times Index, Hang Seng Index and other Indices.

Stock Trader's Almanac has been tracking this pattern since March 9 2009 major bottom and has just issued the attached DOW 3 Peaks and Domed House Pattern possibly topping anytime now in 2011.

My Stock Market Time Clocks show a possible top for Nasdaq on April 28 2011, maybe by next week or another, DOW and S&P500 should top out? Maybe not as there is a major Planetary Alignment on May 1 2011, plus minus a few days.

Then we have June 13 2011, the next 8.6 year cycle turn date, discovered by Martin Armstrong. What could happen on this date?

Let's watch.

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