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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Savings Account Interest Rate in Town!

Wow! “Times” are really “bad”? Banks are paying miserable interest rates for savings accounts. Interest rates for Fixed Deposits are getting worst!

Guess what! We can get better returns from Savings Accounts than Fixed Deposits! “Time” has “changed”???

Below is the latest I gathered for the Best Savings Accounts Interest Rate in Singapore!

Have you opened each of these Accounts to Grow your Prosperity by “Leaps and Bounds” for the coming Year of the Rabbit 2011?

I have the BEST savings account opened with OCBC at 0.88% and the others soon to get the free gifts as well! After the promo period, transfer money to the CIMBANK savings account to earn 0.8% “forever” until further notice.

Best thing CIMBANK had done is you can top up your account say 1 year in advance and earn 0.8% on total balance at start during account opening, ie initial deposit 5k plus 6k (500x12mths) = 11k at account opening, total 11k at 0.8% interest! Wow! But, no more 100% guarantee from Singapore Govt. So monitor closely and remember to protect your savings accounts if economy or market turns!

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