Thursday, December 23, 2010

A 2011 Stock Market Forecast?

Here is a summary of Citigroup's 2011 Stock Market Forecast based on history (source

  1. US markets likely to peak on January 3 2011

  2. January 2011 down about 5%

  3. Intra year bear market fall of over 20%

  4. 2011 close down by 16%+/-

  5. Wait 6 to 8 years to see DJIA 2007 highs

Wow! Have you read something similar from my Stock Market Time Clocks: like watch January 4 & 7 2011, 3 Phases of Bear Market 2007-2017, STI Head & Shoulder Top, etc? But beware Wave 3 of 3 down might be starting in STI if it breaks the neckline!

And here is the historical data used by Citigroup (source:

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