Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Head & Shoulder Top Straits Times Index?

Did you notice there is a potential BIG Head and Shoulder Top in the Straits Times Index Daily Chart?

This potential Big Head and Shoulder Top appeared in every smaller time frame of the Straits Times Index.

The drop from the Top on November 9 2010 to-date started with a Double Top Head in the 10 min STI Chart.

The Double Top Head was completed on November 23 2010! Wow! A warning from Heaven!

Now the Right Shoulder is forming in the 10 min chart. A drop and a break of the neckline confirms the Head and Shoulder Top is complete, then you see what is the estimated downside risk lor!

Next look at the potential BIG Head and Shoulder Top in the 60min STI Chart.

There are potentially multiple stepped Right Shoulders "waiting"! Will it be stepped or will it be a Waterfall?

Watch the break of the multiple necklines! Wow! Can you imagine the estimated downside risk?

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