Friday, November 26, 2010

13 Year Stock Market Cycle

Besides the 17 Year Stock Market Cycle, there is also a very consistent 13 Year Stock Market Cycle in the US Stock Markets.

According to my sifu ("W.D. Gann Master"), the previous 13 Year Stock Market Cycle also ended in 2000, same as the previous 17 Year Stock Market Cycle. The 13 Year Market Cycle is usually associated with Panics in the Markets, a Stock Market Crash.

According to another "W.D. Gann" Expert, there are also other 17 Year Stock Market Cycles in the US Stock Markets besides the main one my sifu mentioned. I agree.

I also think there are other 13 Year Stock Market Cycles besides the main one my sifu mentioned. And this one might be due now. Why? Because I see similar Patterns in the Sky. Because the previous 17 Year and 13 Year Cycles are supposed to end in that "Year" but delayed till 2000.

Will I be right?

I just received an email about Fengshui Forecast for December 2010 and January 2011. The Headlines read:

"There will be negative energies emerging and may influence critically on the financial markets worldwide."


I have not finished with the last phase of my research, but initial results are same as Fengshui Master's forecast!

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