Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Warning Possible Sharp Decline Ahead!

More sell signals were generated after the sharp decline in US Markets last night (October 19, 2010). A possibility of a sharp downtrend ahead if we see downside follow through tonight and one more sell signal to confirm a change in trend. Wow! This is from my TA Master.

I've been extremely busy with my research, especially after I received additional information some 3 weeks back, from my new Sifu ("WD Gann" Master). Once I complete this final piece of research, it should be the final piece of jigsaw puzzle to improve my Stock Market Time Clocks to 99% accuracy - hahaha, I hope!

This missing piece which I have been hunting for a long long time, is to help me determine the direction of the turn dates generated by my Stock Market Time Clocks. Yes, whether it will be a Top or a Bottom, whether it is the end/start of Bull/Bear Market!

October 15, 2010 could be a major turn date generated by my Stock Market Time Clocks. It is possible that is the 10th year anniversary of the top in 2000. WD Gann said add 10 will give you the final Top. Now looks like there is some confirmation as Markets turned down now.

Oops! My research is not complete. Will US Markets be able to make new High after this "correction"? Or will we see a lower high? What does those future dates generated by my Stock Market Time Clocks mean?

Wow! Cracking my head very hard doing those research!

Remember, Stock Market Crash Alert from the Hindenburg Omen Signals is valid for 4 months, until December 2010. Be careful! Watch the USD for clues!

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