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Monday, October 25, 2010

STI Head & Shoulder Top 60min Chart ??

Another warning of a Top in the making?

A potential Head & Shoulder Top is forming in the 60min Chart of Straits Times Index noted today October 25 2010!

Now you know why STI cheong so much today but closed lower today?

It is trying to complete the right shoulder of the H&S Pattern! Look at the 60min chart attached.

If STI drops and breaks 3143 neckline or thereabouts, the right shoulder will be complete.

Next, see the chart lor, if the pattern plays out!

Today, October 25 2010 is another turn date from my Stock Market Time Clocks, another 10 year anniversary cycle. W.D. Gann said find the correct start date and you will get the correct end date!

Guess what? Oct 25 2010 is 10 days from October 15 2010 (read my earlier articles what this date means).

I'll leave it to you to find out what the other dates in the attached chart mean and how you can use it.

(Note: My Stock Market Time Clocks use dates from DOW or S&P500 historical data. Another clue - October 8 is Venus Retrograde. "As above, so below" affects Global Markets, sometimes differently, sometimes the same as in March 6 2009 for example. Let's see if we can use STI to "forecast" the direction of US Markets for a change, eg, STI lead the topping action in April 2010.)

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