Saturday, October 23, 2010

STI Bearish Megaphone Top - Danger Ahead?

Wah, I was so "tired" doing my research, so decided to look at the various Global Stock Market Indices Charts, do some technical analysis instead to see if these could provide any leads on the market direction and the turn dates from my Stock Market Time Clocks.

Wow! Guess what I discovered?

A Megaphone Top Pattern in the Straits Times Index!

A Bearish Chart Pattern!

Danger Ahead? A Stock Market Crash ahead?

Depends: STI is a follower. Which Global Stock Market is going to lead the next move down or up?

If STI follows, where will it go?

a. 1st support line breaks then down, otherwise up?

b. 2nd support line breaks then down some more, otherwise up?

c. 3rd support line breaks then down some more, otherwise up?

Is it time to buy?

Oops! I've not finished my research. "As above, so below" said W.D. Gann. Wow! My research so far confirms the Stock Markets' movements are "As above, so below"! Which are the planets with the most influence on the Stock Markets?

Still cracking!

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