Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is October 25 2010 end of Bull Run?

Wow! My new sifu ("W.D. Gann" Master) said in this modern days we should use S&P500 or Nasdaq instead of DOW historical data for research.

Oops! I read and forgot about updating my Stock Market Time Clocks with Nasdaq dates, also never apply it to my other technical analysis.

Today, I remembered and decided to update my Stock Market Time Clocks with some Nasdaq dates.

Guess what I discovered?

Bingo! October 25/26, 2010 a possible end date!

So be careful if markets were to rebound and cannot make new high, a possible change in trend if you see lower lows and lower highs!

Today, the Head and Shoulder Pattern in the 60min chart is completed. STI broke the neckline and down it goes. It might rebound to form the "A" pattern!

Next to watch is the STI Bearish Megaphone Top - break of support lines!

Oops! I've not finished with my research hor! Read usual disclaimer!

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