Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NTUC Fairprice Share pays 6% Dividend

I noticed there are numerous searches on NTUC Fairprice Shares and NTUC Income Shares into my blog, so I shall post the latest on NTUC Fairprice Share Dividends and Rebates for 2010.

Yaah! NTUC Fairprice had declared a Special Dividend of 1% in addition to 5% Dividend for financial year ended 31st March 2010.

A Rebate of 4% plus Special Rebate of 0.5% had also been declared.

Dividends and Rebates had been credited to my bank account on September 17, 2010.

Wow! It pays to be a NTUC Fairprice Shareholder and loyal customer of NTUC Fairprice Supermarket! Unfortunately, there is a limit on number of shares each person can own. However, it pays to be a long term investor as NTUC Income rewards shareholders with Bonus Shares periodically, while NTUC Fairprice allowed me to top up my shareholdings to 1000 shares.

How much did NTUC Fairprice pay for 2012?

More innformation on NTUC Fairprice Share ownership

More information on NTUC Income Share ownership

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