Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Major Works of R.N. Elliott Part-1

Have you read the “The Major Works of R.N. Elliott”?

Wow! It's a book we should not miss!

Have you heard or read about OT?

OT = Orthodox Top, the top of the Fifth Wave.

An irregular correction might occur such that the movement exceeds the Orthodox Top, creating an irregular top - see diagram. This irregular correction occurred in the September 1929 Top.

Hmm... I suspect the same irregular correction occurred in the October 2007 Top.

And NOW, I suspect it is occurring in the August 2010 Top in Straits Times Index (STI).

Wow! August 3 2010 could be the Top!

The Planets in the Sky are giving the warning!

My Stock Market Time Clocks are warning!

Oops! Maybe still waiting for some events to trigger!

Wow! The Past is the Future! Can you see the Future? (see diagram – what could come next?)


Read “The Major Works of R.N. Elliott” or lookout for Part 2 to this Article!

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