Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where DOW & Global Markets Heading?

Wow! So many conflicting views among Fengshui Masters, among Elliott Wave Experts, among Gann & Cycle Expert and among Financial Astrologers. So what is the Stock Market Forecast for 2010?

Now you know why I've been holding back the Stock Market Forecast for 2010!

Even now, there are conflicting views among all these experts.

What is the Elliott Wave Count now for DOW and S&P500?

  1. Wave C down (Phase 3 of Bear Market) started;

  2. Wave b down of Wave B up (Phase 2 of Bear Market comprising ABC waves) started.

Oops! Confusing right?

Now, this could be wave 1 of wave 3. Waves 1-4 completed, next is wave 5 down. This will likely complete wave 1 of wave 3. Alternatively, this could be wave 5 down of wave 1 down, so next is wave 2 up.

Haha, more confusion? Anway, the conclusion is there is much more downside to go! With a potential Korean War coming (repeat of Year of Tiger 60 years ago?), where can the markets go?

Recently I discovered 2 superb technical tools which can help forecast the market direction, time-lines and price targets. Even better than Elliott Waves, other Fibonacci Tools and other technical tools and indicators. It has Elliott Waves, Fibonacci Ratios and “Planetary Cycles” “built” into it.

Wow! These tools also helped me decipher the turn dates provided by my Stock Market Time Clocks. Wow! The possible turn dates these tools indicate coincide with Planetary Movement Dates!

Wow! My new Crystal Ball! Removed of subjectivity inherent in Elliott Waves. No need to rely on S.M.A.R.T. Experts anymore! Oops! I'll still refer for confirmation lah!

My new Crystal Ball – for long-term investment and short-term trading!

So how low can DOW, STI and other Global Markets go?

As the technical tools cannot be found in my Charting Tool, I've to do the “analysis” manually. Very tedious and time-consuming process!

So stay tuned while I try to get the Stock Market Forecast 2010/2011 ready, then you can see how low the markets can go! I've completed first cut forecast for Straits Times Index, needing fine tuning. For now, look for possible double dip! Wow!

Remember “Sell in May, Go Away, Come Back after Labour Day!” Oops! Wat Dat?

“London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady”

Lookout for Part 2 on Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tools!

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