Friday, May 7, 2010

Stock Market Time Cycle Formula Unveiled!

Have you read the April 2010 Elliott Wave Theorist by Bob Prechter?

I just completed reading the April 2010 EWT and am very impressed with Bob's detailed research and analysis. He was willing to reveal details of his Stock Market Time Cycle studies and how he calculates and forecasts market turns.

Yes! He unveiled the formula, how he calculates and estimate/forecast the End Time of this Rally, between April 15 to May 7 2010. Spot on! Oops, at least for now. Time will tell.

For Bob's information, the first person I knew who talked about 7-year and 5-year stock market cycles is WD Gann! The other person is the author of The Joseph Cycle – Singapore Stock Market has a 14-year cycle, 7 bull and 7 bear years.

My Stock Market Time Clocks also incorporates these cycles, including those mentioned in the April 2010 EWT. Oops! The Formula I used is different from Bob, but still arrived at similar turn dates = May 3 or 4 2010!

Now that Bob reveals his Stock Market Time Cycle studies, I have more stock market data and information to help decipher the future dates given by my Stock Market Time Clocks!

What's the cause of the “Stock Market Crash”?

“As above, so below!” “When the Time is up, prices will decline.”

Lookout for more Freebies from EWI next week! Stay tuned!

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