Monday, May 31, 2010

Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tools – Bingo!

Have you read W.D. Gann's Books? Did you managed to decipher his secrets in Timing the Stock Market?

Wow! Todate, I managed to decipher "the most important" W.D. Gann's "secrets":

  1. Stock Market Time Clocks – Formula to identify Dates for Market Tops and Bottoms

  2. Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tools (See Below).

I've always thought there is a secret meaning when W.D. Gann said “As above so below”, although I linked it to Astrology (Planetary movements).

Yes, I'm right. I finally discovered the secret meaning 2 days ago. It's in the Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tool #1! Bingo! What can this Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tool #1 forecast?

  1. Potential Turning Points (Tops or Bottoms)

  2. Important Market Tops and Bottoms (Turning Points)

Wow! This Tool helps me identify the Turn Dates provided by my Stock Market Time Clocks - will be a Top or Bottom!

I also discovered another Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tool #2. What can this Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tool #2 forecast?

  1. Potential change in Trend

  2. Potential Target Price

  3. Potential Turn Dates.

Oops! Though both tools work together very well with my Stock Market Time Clocks, lots of patience is required to wait for the potential targets to “materialise”.

What are these Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tools?

There is not much discussion of these Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tools in the way I used it. There is some talk of Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tool#2 by 2 Cycle Experts but not in the way I used it. There is one Cycle Expert who talked about Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tool #1 but not in the way I used it.

Hmm.... it is still a “Secret” yet to be unveiled?

Why did Gann kept the “discoveries” to himself? He believed in the saying : “In silence, by silence, through silence, were all things made.” Do other experts think like Gann too? Hmm.... Me too lor!

Read Crystal-Ball-Like Technical Tools Part 2

(my research and testing is ongoing!)

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