Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

December 7 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

Fengshui: Market likely to be weak this week, except for December 7 & 8, while Dec 11 likely to be volatile.

Financial Astrology: There are bullish and bearish planetary alignments in the sky. Who will win the battle: Bulls or Bears?

Technical Analysis: US indices – there is a bullish chart pattern and a bearish chart pattern forming in the indices. Which way will the market go?

If S&P 500 breaks 1083 channel support, it would likely be a sell signal.

Review Friday December 4: “The US markets roared higher this morning on the back of a better than expected Jobs Report. However, it is only a minor part of why the market goes up or down. The real key is the dollar. The markets move directly inverse to the dollar and with a massive squeeze in the dollar higher, the markets have tanked. This explains exactly why the markets have rolled over in a major way – Dow reversing down more than 200 points before closing positive. This is a very significant reversal intra day and must be watched closely. This could very likely signal something bigger in the charts.”

The entire stock market rally has occurred on the back of the weak U.S. Dollar. Simply put, this rally was nothing more than a re-inflation rally. Everything inflationary moved higher such as gold and agriculture. What will happen if the dollar begins to rally? One would think that commodities would fall. If this is the case, what would move this market higher? “

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