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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Will Dow Repeat 1987's Post-Thanksgiving Decline?

The biggest decline on the day after Thanksgiving came in 1987 when the index fell 1.87%. At that point, markets were still digesting the October '87 crash, and the Dow went on to fall 8.76% in the week after Thanksgiving.

Today, Dow had its second biggest decline the day after Thanksgiving (November 27 2009) since it became an official federal holiday in 1941.

Source: B.I.G.

Dow fell 1.27% on a half-day trading session on November 27 2009.

Is the market still digesting the Dubai Shock, while most key market players were still on holiday?

When all key market players are back on Monday, November 30 2009, what will happen?

A repeat of 1987 "stock market crash" after Thanksgiving?

Remember what happened in 2008: "first it was Bear Sterns, then Countrywide Financial a few months later. And then all of sudden, it was Citibank, Merrill Lynch, AIG and others as the banking system started to heamorrhage."

So is this Dubai Shock the start of the next economic or financial crisis?

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