Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stock Markets Major Turn Date: Nov 15-17?

When will this Bear Market Rally end? Or has Phase 3 Down of this Bear Market already started?

My Stock Market Time Clocks say Major Turn Date is around November 15 to 17.

2 US Elliott Wave experts also identified these as major turn dates. Will it be the end of this Bear Market Rally?

According to Mr Joseph Cycle, for Phase 2 or Wave B rally to stop rising, there must be a significant event strong and shocking enough to kill it. What will that event be?

Swine Flu Panic Part 2?

Terrorist Attack?

Next Asset Bubble Burst? quote from Roubini:

" day this bubble will burst, leading to the biggest co-ordinated asset bust ever: if factors lead the dollar to reverse and suddenly appreciate – as was seen in previous reversals, such as the yen-funded carry trade – the leveraged carry trade will have to be suddenly closed as investors cover their dollar shorts. A stampede will occur as closing long leveraged risky asset positions across all asset classes funded by dollar shorts triggers a co-ordinated collapse of all those risky assets – equities, commodities, emerging market asset classes and credit instruments."

So far, nothing has happened in Singapore at the APEC 2009 meeting.

“We can only open our eyes and stay on alert and not be paralysed by it”: Mr Joseph Cycle.

What are the Charts telling us now?

One US expert trader identified a potential bearish M-Pattern forming in the S&P500 60-Minute Chart.

Wow! I checked the Straits Times Index and found a similar M-Pattern forming in the STI 60-Minute Chart.

If confirmed, then markets will likely drop down to complete the M-Pattern, then look for the A-Pattern!

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