Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dubai Shock Triggers Wave C Down?

US Stock Markets are waiting to start Wave C or Bear Market Phase 3 down. Or has Phase 3 down already started in slow motion?

Global Markets are waiting for US Stock Markets to give the signal. Japan Nikkei Index already plunged! Now looks like China Shanghai Index started to plunge, bringing Hong Kong HangSeng Index with it.

Today European markets are dropping.

My Stock Market Time Clocks already gave the signal. Elliott Wave Experts also gave the signal.

So, will the Dubai Shock trigger Wave C down in US Stock Markets?

Let's watch US Stock Markets when it opens on Friday. Let's watch what happens to Regional Stock Markets tomorrow. Singapore Stock Market is closed tomorrow.

Take care if you have investments with exposure in Dubai!

Will have more for you after I hear from the US Experts over the weekend.

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