Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where to Sell Gold Jewellery?

Wow! Gold price has been going up. How high will it go?

USD1500, USD2000, USD3500?

When will it drop to USD550? I'm waiting.

Hahaha, now that Gold price is going up, we thought maybe it is a good idea to find out where we can sell our old Gold Jewellery before Gold crash down (this is what the expert say).

My sister suggested we visit Maxi-Cash to “test the market”. Oops, she received a Gold ornament as present a few years ago, so let's go find out how much it is worth now.

Maxi-Cash is a modern pawnshop, recently opened a new branch at People's Park Complex. We can sell Gold ornaments to them or pawn it. The price is different, higher if we sell.

Wah! Now I know where I can sell my old fashion gold jewellery when Gold price go up more! Then when Gold price drop, I can buy new fashion gold jewellery! Hahaha! Tan Koo Koo lor!

(If you know of other places which offer better value, please email me. Thank you!)

(Oct 8, 6.00pm - A blog visitor shared on another source but did not leave his email address. I did a quick check on the website and noticed the price is no better than Maxi-Cash. How can it be better being a broker (middle-man) who also pays commission to affiliates for referrals? I would not want to risk the loss of my valuables sending it to a remote location prior to receiving cash. What might be useful is they post the daily buy-back price, so we can check it against whoever we might be selling the gold to. Anyway, thanks to Mike for the website:

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