Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trading is Risky, Will Lose Money?

Is Shares/Warrants Trading Risky?

One local Professional Trader cum Trainer said “You are guaranteed to lose money in Trading. So must have money management or risk management rules put into practice so that what you lose is less than what you make over time.” In short, he is preaching there is no perfect trading method/system, no holy grail, cut loss if you are wrong. So he is telling you his trading method taught to students also has weakness. Do you know why it will fail, when it will fail and what will fail? Why pay to learn from him? Haha, today, this Professional Trader wrote in his blog saying he is confused with the US markets and now sitting on the fence. Would I want to pay to learn from him?

One US expert trader said “If Trading is Risky, Why Trade and lose Money? Find a Winning System! Otherwise, dun trade!

I agree with the US expert. Why trade and lose money? Why trade and be prepared to cut loss when you know the trading method has weakness? If I know the trading method has weakness: why it will fail, when it will fail and what will fail, I will not trade or use the method.

Now, I fear not because I have discovered a Winning Method for Trading STI Put Warrants. Yes, consistently making profits since I started after monitoring to confirm it works for some time. And, nobody believe me, including my “Trading Representative & Co”.

But I realised I've been losing money after I started STI Put Warrants Trading: Broker overcharged me at 0.33% instead of 0.28% brokerage and related fees:

  1. Contra Profits for STI Put Warrants Trading were lower with the higher brokerage fee, plus higher related fees such as GST, etc., especially when the contract value is high.

  2. Shares Trading/Investing Profits were lower since I started many years back.

Although I did check when I first started online trading and noticed minor differences in the brokerage fees, thinking the online calculator only give estimates, I did not seek clarifications and continued. (I know nothing about investment/share trading then). Differences were minor because I started small. Now the contract value for the STI Put Warrants trading is bigger, that triggered my suspicion and further action to investigate.

More horror stories unveiled:

  1. Default is 0.33% with Remisier, 0.28% with Dealer.

  2. Company website is not correct: Non-advisory online Trading is 0.28% and Advisory online is 0.33% . No, not like this.

  3. Surprised you are charged 0.33% for warrants

  4. All my clients are charged at 0.33%

  5. Change to Dealer to get 0.28%

  6. I've too many clients, find another Trading Rep

  7. Account suspended, change of trading rep.

  8. 300k trading limit, no deposit required. Now, deposit 100k to get 300k trading limit

  9. No deposit? 100k trading limit.

  10. 300k temporary trading limit for today, ok.

  11. Remisier comfortable with you, maybe less deposit required

  12. Account suspended, you send emails to complain, new Trading Rep stressed.

  13. Find your own Trading Rep to activate your account.

(item 7 to 13 occurred in 1 day)

Wah lau! Bloody Sharks (Unstable Remisiers)! My investment at risk! Trading is Risky! No contingency plan! Dead!

Thank God! I have no share holdings! Market Crash, I'm dead! No means to sell! Other trading accounts I have dun have necessary trading limits. I forgot the password for other trading accounts dormant for so many years. I dun know how to use the other dormant systems.

Learnt a painful lesson! Going to start contingency plan - activate online trading systems with other brokers. Seeking professional help to deal with Broker Shark!

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