Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stock Market Crash Coming?

Has this Bear Market Rally ended or going to end? Is US Stock Markets going to crash soon?

Based on Elliott Wave Count by US Expert, here are the alternative Elliott Wave Counts:

1.Bear Market Rally likely ended.
2.Bear Market Rally likely in final wave 4 down now, next is final wave 5 up.

When this Bear Market Rally ends, fasten your seat belt and prepare to ride the Voyage to the bottom of the C!

As there is no Hindenburg Omen, the decline is likely to be slow and painful. Based on the chart patterns forming in DOW, S&P500 and Nasdaq, the downside target for S&P500 is likely be 666, the March 2009 low.

What do my Stock Market Time Clocks say?

1. Stock Market Time Cycle Formula 1 – Turn dates had been accurate so far, however, the market turn direction are reversed most of the time. Next major turn dates – see chart attached. If market turn direction is reversed again, then invert the chart for the turn date market direction.

2. Stock Market Time Cycle Formula 2 – Wow! It's Amazing! The November 2009 turn date is very close to that of Formula 1. Likely marks the end of this cycle!

Do you know what day is October 28 2009? Do you know what day is November 15 2009?

October 28 2009: Saturn enters Libra October 29 2009, often marks market reversal. It is about "2 years" from October 2007 Top.

November 15 2009: Saturn Pluto Square, often marks market top or bottom. It is about "1.5 years" from October 2007 Top. It is Fibonacci 50% of the time from October 2007 Top to March 6 2009 Low!

US Markets started to decline on October 16 2009. This was the date Mars entered Leo. Markets often decline when Mars move into Leo. Mars will only change sign about 7.5 months later.

So watch these dates, plus minus a few days!

(One Expert said Time Cycles forecast turn dates, not the market direction or whether it is a market top or bottom)

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